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THE LAST Summer Fishing Report

Summer is quickly fading here in the Smokies! Leaves are changing shades of green already from the valley and some sharper reds and oranges in high elevations. That means water temps are getting close to a sweet spot!

The creeks can still be slightly hit or miss in the afternoons depending on air temps. If we have had a cool night with a warmer afternoon the bite may tapper off again. So, watch out for big swings in air temps that will correlate to water temps.

Elevation bluelines will be fantastic all day and most national park streams fishable all day. This is a nice change from the Dog Days of August! Where the water originates above 3,ooo or 4,ooo feet elevation provides enough cool water to keep trout happy until bedtime!

The bass bite is perfect right now! When the water temps get below 60 we will begin to see that bite slow down. Don't be surprised this fall to net a smallmouth on the Tuck while trout fishing! These are a cold water fish and we do enjoy catching them and hope you will too!


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