Dale Collins

Dale came to Western Carolina University in 2001 where his fly fishing story begins.  After a short career in Teaching and Coaching, Dale has taken his pursuits to sharing the beautiful waters of Western North Carolina with others. 

When not on the water you will usually find Dale spending time with his Wife and two outdoor loving kids.  Dale's preferred style of fishing is streamer fishing from the drift boat. 

Bobby Bennett

After robbing 17 banks, going on a spending spree, and spending a short spell in prison (I broke out), Bobby found himself hiding out in the mountains of Western NC.   Where he fell in love with the women, music, and alcohol.... 

 Okay, Okay, just wanted to get your attention. I’m just a boring person that grew up in Central NC and has always loved Fishing.  After putting in almost 18 years working on Landscape Design and Installation for the Federal Government, Military, and Central NC residential areas I found myself looking for something more engaging and fun.  With my very supportive and beautiful wife (Cara) we made the move from The Raleigh area. We made home in the Great Smoky Mountains area in 2015. 

Being a resident of NC I have fished all over this wonderful state, but the mountains were always where my heart truly enjoyed.  I have been fly fishing since 2007 and have grown my love of this sport from NC to Montana to Florida. I have been very fortunate to have great friends and family that supported me in making this sport a true second career, and something I enjoy on a daily basis.  My true desire is to spread the joy and atmosphere that this lifelong sport provides.  I hope in some way this is my mark I leave behind. 

I look forward to seeing you in the shop or on the water!!!!!!

Jack Tamborski

Originally from Cincinnati, Jack first came to North Carolina to study Natural Resource Conservation at WCU in 2012. Jack soon found himself investing countless hours on local rivers and met Dale and Bobby just before the Grand Opening of Tuckaseegee Fly Shop, where he's been working the shops and guiding trips ever since.

"I grew up bass fishing in Ohio so for me, learning how to fish clear, moving water for trout in NC was a welcomed challenge"

Still an avid bass angler, you can find Jack slinging a fly in everything from ditch puddles and mountain lakes, to trouty tailwaters and tarpon flats.

Favorite Fly: Pheasant Tail variations.

Water of choice: Deep Creek (GSMNP)

Shannon Messer

A native of Haywood County, Shannon had the bug for fly fishing at an early age.  After four years of service to our country in the U.S. Navy, Shannon returned home to continue scouring the waters of the Cataloochee Valley and the Great Smoky Mountains.  Shannon started honing his skills using traditional mountain patterns that the Messer family is synonymous for.  Shannon started tying traditional mountain patterns years ago and now has developed some of his own patterns that have taken trout from North Carolina to Montana.

When not on the water or the vise, Shannon enjoys giving back to the community volunteering as a baseball coach and helping with Trout Unlimited projects.  Shannon enjoys fishing with his two sons and hanging out in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Shannon enjoys throwing dries to wild trout but he will adjust to fit any situation.  Shannon enjoys hiking in and focusing on wild trout in our picturesque mountains.

Ben Bergen

,Fishing has captivated Ben since a very young age, but he credits long Georgia days, sitting on a farm pond dock in third grade with his grandfather for sparking the passion.  At some point he traded in his Zebco 33 for his first “buggy whip” and found the true heart of the sport.  For almost 25 years, Ben has been guiding and exploring the rivers of WNC, Eastern TN and the SC upstate, via creek boat or oar rig, with a fly rod.  He has also spent time exploring numerous international regions from Mexico to Finland, including a year in the Bahamas.  Ben focuses on the more predatory bass species, carp, trout on streamers, and anything that swims in the salt.  When not fishing or tying on his vise, Ben can be found with his hottie of a wife, Jenna, and their brood of children, exploring God's amazing natural wonders.

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