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Peak Fall Fishing Predictions are In!!!

It is that time of the year for us here in the South East. We have made it through the hottest portions of the summer - bluelined until our thighs hurt and hamstrings are pulled - and sweated through grueling smallmouth journeys. We are on the cusp of fall. We all get excited to see the leaves change color on the mountains and picture ourselves casting as artistically as Norm McLean can describe in his famous novel "A River Runs Through It"!

However, do pay good attention to weather forecasts and temperatures. We see folks all the time coming in upset that the leaves have not changed on their que...yes folks get mad at us and other businesses like we control this? It is not uncommon to see 80 degrees on a day in October - furthermore not uncommon to see snow flurries and sometimes both in the same day....after all it is North Carolina 😁 Expect colors to start in the highest elevations and work their way down the mountain. Finally towards the tail end of October the valleys will be completely saturated with color while the ridge-tops will show their barren winter uniforms

We developed the Fall Peak Fishing Predictions Map to assist in expecations regarding fishing conditions. After all we don't want people blaming local merchants for the lack of bite or fish sightings! This map is entirely satirical regarding fall leaf prediction maps. Its acurate for the most part...Have fun with it!

We look forward to seeing everyone this fall!

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