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Wow! Where did the month go? As i write this it is July 30th! Our last blog post was over a month ago it looks like as well. This month we saw what might be the new normal. Shop was busy, everyone wearing masks as mandated, and it got HOT finally. Somehow we are staying hot even with Thunderstorms or rain showers daily. I even say the brookies are sweating it out too! I took a temp last week above 3,000 that was 61 degrees early. The nights just are not cooling off. We also thought we may get to start floating for smallies again, then the rains kept coming.

July has been a month of transition as well for the shop. We tried to switch Point of Sale systems...notice the word tried; One of our Guides and guest on the Tuck Cast, Ben Bergen, was seriously injured in a car accident; Our local fly tying legend and friend James Conner was hospitalized but at least now recovering at home. Elijah finished college and moved on, and my man, Jack Tamborski, moved out to Oregon. I am exhausted just looking back on all this.

The great news is that we have a great team in place and you can expect the same great customer service experience in the shop. Preston, Baker and Casey have been taking folks all summer chasing the wild fish in the cold waters of the high country. Shannon is keeping things cool in the shops, while myself and Bobby keep pressing forward to make sure things are running smoothly and improving. The rivers and creeks are still here, and lord willing you will be too. We are expectant of an outstanding fall season in spite of what the media and "experts" say. Give us a call, visit the online store, or come by and we can all settle down together!

Tight Lines!


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