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What to expect this Fall

October 1st DH regulations will go into effect across WNC and NC WILDLIFE will begin stocking. I wanted to take a moment this morning to update everyone on what to expect as we switch gears from smallmouth and back country tout, to Tuckaseegee Tailrace Tugs!

1) Low Water: So far we are experiencing normal conditions for August/September/October which is Dry. We typically get the occasional tropical system to come out of the Gulf of Mexico. But since we moved the fly fishing festival to November 2nd, we figure that won't happen this year. Pay close attention to release schedules with Duke Energy. View the link here or give us a call for help with that.

Fish dry-droppers for optimum effectiveness and fun while conditions are dry. Don't forget to dress your flies with a floatant so they don't get caught on the bottom!

2) Busy Weekends: This is the time of year when everyone is working for the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are pretty well booked up for guided fishing for us so that tells us we will be pretty busy and so will the water. If you do not want to fish a crowd, come up Monday through Thursday and enjoy the place to yourself, especially in the afternoons when morning half day trips are finished.

Remember stream etiquette. It is normal to fish fairly close to another angler on DH waters. If a float trip comes through where you are fishing, it is most likely because that is the only water they can navigate given the low conditions. I have been on both ends of this situation and it will NOT mess up the fishing. I think the best rule of thumb here is "Treat others the way you want to be treated".

3) Release Fish Quickly: Octobers have trended warm for us over the last 3 or 4 years. We have seen fish go belly up just from the hero shot and squeeze the fish got while being released. Take care of the fish with respect, keep them wet, quick pic and release. If you have not fished barbless give it a try, you will catch more fish and it makes you a better angler.

4) Rain and Cold: It will rain at some point and it will get cold at some point. I have seen snow the first week of October and we have seen downpours that felt like it lasted all month. Be prepared for all seasons with clothing. Wear layers and be prepared to shed them as the day warms up. Don't forget to pack the G4 rain jacket just in case.

5) Come See US: We are open every day of the week. Before you hit the water make sure you get the latest info on conditions and bite.

Keeping these key points in mind this fall will certainly help everyone have a great experience on the water. Remember we are all out there for the same reason. That is to enjoy the outdoors through waving a stick in a river as John Gierach so eloquently explains in his book. Regardless, have fun! We look forward to seeing everyone in the shop soon!

Stocking dates : Tuckaseegee (Jackson) October 2-3

Tuckaseegee (Swain) October 4

Nantahala DH . October 7

W. Fork Pigeon October 8

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