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Episode #6 with Ken Kastorff of Endless River Adventures

The Tuck Fly Shop Crew sits down with legendary River and Fly Fishing Guide Ken Kastorff to discuss Nantahala River Fishing.  Listen in to hear how the events of 2019 impacted fishing and rafting in the Nantahala River.  Ken shares a unique perspective on how the events that happened in 2019 may have been blown out of proportion on social media outlets, news print, and local TV News.  The Tuck Fly Shop Crew sneaks in a local fishing report and Ken reveals his favorite bourbon. After listening to Ken you will be ready to hit the Nantahala River in the near future to chase some awesome trout.  Ken is the Owner/Operator of Endless River Adventures and you can reach Ken at 1-828-488-6199 and check out the website at for more information. You can reach the guys at Tuckaseegee Fly Shop by phone at 1-828-488-3333 or email at  Be sure to check the website at   Feel free to email the Tuck Fly Shop Crew:

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Hey guys, I've really been enjoying the podcast! I had a quick question I have been trying to find more information on and maybe you can help. I know Jack and some of the other guys have been to Montana, I am planning a trip out to the Madison in late June, hoping to hit the salmonfly hatch. I have been wanting to know how to best carry on my fly rods and fly boxes? TSA does not help much with vague information as well as most airlines. How do you travel with all of your fishing gear when y'all go? I thought this might make a good topic to discuss on the podcast, hopefully I am not the o…

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