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New Park Superintendent

Last week while everyone was sledding or snuggled up by the fire with the snowy weather, a reception was held at the Calhoun House for the new Great Smoky Mountain National Park Superintendent. My son was already tired of sledding and getting cold, which afforded me the opportunity to attend. Saw many fellow Bryson City business owners there as well as the politicians "working". But the reason we were all there on that snow day was to meet Cassius Cash.

Superintendent Cash shook hands nearly a thousands times through the reception, I know. But one thing never changed and that was his smile. This man is excited for many reasons. Of course one, he is now charged with managing the most visited park in the country, and the other is his excitement of his vision for the park. Throughout the reception I heard many people say, "I have never met a park superintendent before!". These comments were coming from folks who have lived in BC all their lives. In Bryson City we see many Park Rangers drive through town or eating breakfast at Everette Street Diner, but never the Superintendent! Cash is all about the community of the GSMNP, and that shows by his attendence at this reception. He mentioned several times rolling up his sleeves and getting to work, epsecially for the young generations who are the future stewards of the park and out natural resources. This is a theme we should pay good attention to for fly fishing as well.

In my conversation with Cash he mentioned he had never had the opportunity to fly fish before...we hope to change that in the near future.

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