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Whats the Password?!

BWO...BWO is the password! Phenominal hatches coming off lately on area streams. On a productive trip last friday on the Tuck, the hatch was so thick it looked like snow blowing with the wind. Beautiful day with temps in the mid-50s. This has been an incredible winter as it has remained unseasonably warm. As of this post there is winter precipitation in the forecast for the weekend. So things can always change quickly.

We just received a recent order from one of our major suppliers of flies. The fly bins are full and have expanded the selection. In that order we received many patterns that you will not find in any shop in the Tuckaseegee River Basin. Big, nasty streamers for those who like to hunt for Big Boy Brown down on the Nantahala; The ever productive Batman Nymph, crazy looking Wooly Buggers, and of course your favorite naturals.

Also arriving at TFS this week is our newest brand to grace the rod holders. We are excited to announce that Tuckaseegee Fly Shop is the Newest Sage Authorized Dealer. Sage of course is an American made rod that has incredible performance for all fishing needs in WNC. In particular the Circa is Sage's best trout rod with a design that uses old school basics with the newest technology to form the highest performing slow action rod on the market. We will have more Sage information to follow.

We attended the NC Wildlife public hearing on rule changes and proposed changes, one of which concerned Bryson City. The proposed Delayed Harvest section in Bryson City that would see the stocking of nearly 50,000 trout was open for public comment. At this point in the game these hearings are a matter of due process and history says if a proposal has made it this far, its a done deal. So, I think come October we will see the stocking trucks lining the banks of the Tuck on River Road in Bryson City!

So, if you are headed out to the water, don't forget to check the stream flows, call for fishing report, or swing in for the best selection of flies to ensure a great day on the water. We are about people having fun, and catching fish! Oh, and if we do get a cold snap...keep fishing!

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