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WNC Fishing Report for late August

Well, hurricane season is in full swing for the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. I feel like every single storm, no matter where landfall occurs, finds its way through Western North Carolina. The most recent to hit was. Tropical Storm Fred. This storm was a great reminder of how fragile life is and how much we take for granted. People died in Haywood County in the Cruso Community. Certainly the Pigeon River watershed will be scarred for many generations from the power of the rains from Fred.

Report Tip #1: Be sure to keep an eye on the radar even through October as we have seen destructive storms barrel through well into the fall fishing season.

Report Tip #2: Read USGS streamflow reports and pay attention to pre-storm data. In the instance of Fred, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was spared. The flood happened Tuesday and we were back to Guiding by Thursday. We certainly want to stay away from the Pigeon Watershed for a little while during cleanup efforts.

Report Tip #3: We are headed to fall conditions quickly. We are already seeing fish netted using orange stimulators and rusty caddis. In other words, it will be here before you know it. CHECK YOUR GEAR. Make sure your waders and boots are in good condition, along with your leader and tippet. If you need and update on anything come see us or visit

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