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Tuck Fly Shop 2.0

We are beginning to emerge from the doldrums of Corona and the landscape is very differant than before. Tuck Fly Shop experienced some dark days in the last month and we are blessed to still be standing. As a small business we know that we are not out of the woods yet; we are not guaranteed tomorrow or promised a bright future. However, resiliency, creativity and hard work sure do give us a good chance. For the last three weeks Bobby and myself have been re-evaluating everything we do. We have vetted every single decision we have made in an effort to ensure a future for Tuck Fly Shop. Late nights, early mornings, we began preparing for that future this week.

Shannon and Jack joined in that effort this week helping us develop Tuck Fly Shop 2.0 We hear politicians and the media talk about the "New Normal" and questions surrounding what that will look like. In the following you will hear my version of what the new normal looks like for Tuck Fly Shop.

Since we opened Tuck Fly Shop and to this day, our focus is has been on the customer experience in the shop. In other words, how we treat you and help you matters to us. We want enhance that experience and reflect that priority on our website. We want to make it easier for you to access our retail shop and purchase needs online. The store continues to grow everyday.

Furthermore we will be incorporating video tutorials beginning with fly tying with Shannon. Materials lists will be provided and an opportunity to purchase those if needed. We will continue to build these tutorial films through the summer and if there are any topics you want or need we can cover those as well.

We have been growing the "Tuck Cast with a Splash of Bourbon" PodCast for the last few months now. We have had a blast making these and hope they are entertaining, insightful and somewhat informative. We have been posting them on this blog through our YouTube Channel and will continue to post them to the website but perhaps not through the Blog. Which speaking of the Blog we are now naming "Guidelines". Guidelines will be a place for fishing reports, maybe informative articles such as the one you are reading or other articles from TFS Staff and Guides.

TFS 2.0

Finally, we will be reducing the reservations available for guided trips. In the past we have tried to book as many trips as we can find quality guides to take them. However, we feel that things get sloppy and details fall through the cracks. For example if we have 6 trips going out of a shop one morning while a customer is trying to get help choosing the right flies for the day, someone is gonna be left out of that equation and that is not what we represent. We want to give undivided attention to all customers that enter our doors. But in that hypothetical, if we were only running two trips that day, the situation becomes more balanced and ample attention can be given to all. With that being said if you would like a trip we recommend booking well in advance to secure that date. You can now also book and pay for those trips on our website. Many of this Springs trip have rescheduled to the fall so please do get your reservation secured soon.

Many of the relationships I have made through the shop or on the water with folks have become friendships and mean alot to me and the TFS Crew. We are only here because you, the consumer, allow it. We see folks season after season and have dearly missed that this Spring. That will make this fall all the more special the next time we get to see everyone who has supported us over the last six years.

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to continuing to serve you and our fly fishing community through Tuck Fly Shop 2.0!




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