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Orvis Dropper Rig Box

By Mike Hodge

Fly fishermen can never have enough stuff. Rods, reels, boots, waders, you name it and it’s probably in my basement. Thirty years ago, I started with one rod and reel. How many do I have now?

I’ve lost count.

As hard as it is to cull, I still have too much stuff. However, there’s one item that I’ve recently added to my collection of gear that more than pulls its weight.

Say hello to the Orvis dropper rig box.

I hate tying knots on the water. When I’m tying and re-rigging, that’s valuable time that I could be fishing. And there’s no doubt the Orvis dropper box saves time.

Its got five foam slots that allow you to pre-rig an assortment of setups —- double-nymph, double-dry options are at your fingertips with nary a knot. So when you see that big fish rising as the sun sets in early evening, you’re ready. Or if you get up hung up on a rock late in the day and want a quick cast before heading home, you can make that cast quickly because most of the work is already done.

Need to switch leaders? From nymphing to dry-fly fishing? The dropper box works for changing out leader setups as well, which is invaluable to the grind-it-out, grizzled guide or the recreational angler. Neither wants to waste time.

Stop by one of our locations or —- Sylva, Bryson City and Waynesville —- to check one out.

—-Mike Hodge


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