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4 Tips to Prepare!

Four Tips to Prepare for Fall Fishing

By: Mike Hodge

It’s still hot, but we’re in the homestretch of summer. Fall will be here before you know it. Here’s a few pointers to ponder as we wait for cooler weather.

Bring Your Thermometer

Because fall weather can fluctuate, air temperatures vary. It can be a high of 80 degrees one day and a high of 60 the next. Air temperature affects water temperature. When water temps rise higher than normal or lower than normal, adjust accordingly.

Think Outside the Box

The Tuckaseegee River delayed-harvest section is an obvious hotspot. Count on a lot of fish. Also count on a lot of anglers. The good news is there are a lot other places to fish, including the streams of the Smoky Mountain National Park, which are often underappreciated.

Monitor the Water Levels

Fall typically means less rain. Less rain means lower water levels. Be stealthy. Take your time and slow down. Make your presentations count.

Watch the Weather

Fall brings cooler temperatures, but it also yields cold fronts, which can lead to slow fishing. Fronts are unavoidable. Fish in between them, if possible. Fish like stability.


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