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Go Green and Save Money on Flies

Everywhere you turn you here about people going green. Incentivized programs exist providing people the opportunity to save money while saving the environment. These programs are designed to be a win win for the parties involved. The most common ones usually revolve around power consumption. Energy companies from time to time offer incentives to people to change light bulbs to LED's or even offer rebates for Solar Panels.

One day at the shop we kicked around the idea of biodegradable packaging for flies. I guess that most fly shops have plastic cups and lids for customers purchasing flies. Many of the cups may make it into the recycle bin but we know that a percentage of these make it on the ground and become liter and an eyesore. Plastic is not biodegradable like paper, but putting flies in paper would not be a great idea, however, a biodegradable cup is!

Tuckaseegee Fly Shop's Bryson City and Sylva locations now offer biodegradable cups for you to purchase. The biodegradable cups cost $4.99 each but Tuckaseegee Fly Shop will give you a discount on your total fly purchase when you return with your cup. By electing to use a biodegradable cup you are using less plastic which saves money and the environment. Secondly you are saving money on your future fly purchases and who does not like saving money. Lastly if your cup ends up on the ground it will breakdown in 120 days.

As anglers we are conservationist. We have to protect our natural resources and educate others on how to take care of what we have. Tuckaseegee Fly Shop is leading the way in this efforts by offering biodegradable cups, shirts made of recycled plastic bottles, stream cleanups, and volunteering with other local grassroots organizations helping protect our wonderful mountain streams and fish habitat. We are asking you to join the fight.

Tuckaseegee Fly Shop will continue to have plastic cups if you elect not to participate in the program; however, we ask that you consider participating in this cutting edge program. In return you will save money and maybe have enough to purchase that new piece of gear you have been eyeing.

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