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Remember Where You Started

Fall, 2001. My first fall as a student at WCU, on a whim, a neighbor on the 8th floor of Scott Hall asked me to go fly fishing with him on the Tuck. I said, "Man, I aint got no clue how to fly fish!'. He said, "Come on, its Overrated how difficult it is - I'll show ya how.". I had no clue what Delayed Harvest was, mend, false cast, or any other fishy vocabulary that is now a primary language for me.

Fast forward to fall 2014. My good friend Bobby and I decide to open a brick and mortar fly shop. In the shadows of a recession, online sales ruling the roost, in an industry that makes it difficult for the small guy; we opened August 1st 2014.

For many folks reading this, you remember what the shop looked like in the beginning. "Air and Walls", is how Bobby used to characterize our little corner fly shop. However, what we had in between the air and walls mattered. Simply having what anglers need the most, with great customer service, and consistent hours, we have been propelled to where we are today. Now, 2018, every major brand in the fly fishing industry has representation in Bryson City and Sylva. Remembering where we came from and what it is like on the other side of the counter remains paramount in our service to customers. Delivering the best possible customer service in the industry is more important to us than anything.

In our careers, hobbies, and passions, it is always beneficial to take moments and look back to where we came from. Measuring growth is what drives us in becoming better humans, and in this instance better anglers. Remembering your first fish caught on a fly rod; your first fly you tied; and the first time you caught a fish on a fly you tied; bring the sport full circle and help us define our successes.

We at Tuck Fly Shop take great pride in being a part of your journey in this sport. We have been blessed to serve you for four years, and now in two locations. It is our honor to continue to serve the angler that crosses the threshold of our shops. We hope to see you soon! This fall is going to be epic!

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