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Tuckaseegee Fly Shop's 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas…

I found a Thomas & Thomas Contact Nymphing Rod underneath my Christmas tree! It was eleven-foot-three, and just for me! I couldn’t believe what I held in my hand. It was incredibly light, and balanced perfectly with my large arbor reel. I completed the rod with RIO Euro Nymph line, a sighter leader and headed to the river to try out my new stick…

The Final Word: I’m super impressed with this rod every single time I fish it. The tip is so soft that fish in the 24”+ class are played with ease on even the lightest of tippet (think 6x-7x). The butt section of the rod is stiff enough to bring in large fish quickly while the lightness and sensitivity of the tip enable the angler to fish small flies efficiently. This rod should be on every fly angler’s wish list this season whether you’re brand new to euro nymphing or you fish competitively on Team USA. This is the rod you will eventually own.

Click the link below to view this amazing rod in our online store-

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