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Thanksgiving Report

Turkey Day is upon us! The Tuck Fly Shop family certainly has much to be thankful for. Our health, family, and the great folks who have allowed us to serve them. We love engaging folks in the shop and helping them discover the amazing opportunities for fishing that we have in Western North Carolina. Whether is it a beginner who is looking to catch a few on a Delayed Harvest, or an expert looking to bag a large wild fish on a blue line, we can help.

We battled through a weird October of fly fishing for trout and made it to November. One of my favorite months for fly fishing. The Delayed Harvest trout of Jackson, Swain and Macon Counties have all gotten a little smarter since leaving the confines of the raceways and feeders. Heavy nymph rigs will be the most productive fished tandem with a smaller flashy fly. I think we care beyond netting fish after fish on an egg pattern, but it could certainly happen on a Prince Nymph or Pheasant Tail #16 with a silver bead.

The forecast for the remainder of the week looks perfect for trout fishing. Cold mornings capped off with a pleasant afternoon equals happy, hungry trout! While most everyone is fighing over a parking space at the shopping center, come up and get in a fight with a trout.

Happy Thanksgiving, to all from your friends at Tuck Fly Shop!

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