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The Simms Stone Cold Fishing Shirt

As the summer heat begins to peak and trout fishing is almost exclusively for the morning hours, smallmouth and spotted bass can be targeted throughout the hot summer days. Good gear is never an oversight in the eyes of a fishing guide, and Simms fishing gear is usually a go to.

The Stone Cold Fishing Shirt from Simms Fishing Products, has become my first choice for outdoor activities. Rowing a boat, hiking, or even the post-guided trip dinner date with my significant other, the water-to-street concept is flawless. Long Sleeve with two large zippered chest pockets make this shirt a fisherman’s dream as it keeps the sun off your arms, but can also eliminate the need for a vest on a quick run to the stream and easily holds a cell phone for the occasional deep spot in the river where the hip pack gets a long-needed bath. This shirt isn’t just a standard long sleeve fishing shirt found in a department store, there are a few key features that make this shirt standout.

With Cool Control™ technology, the Stone Cold shirt keeps the angler cooler for longer in the heat. This shirt is also highly stain resistant. I found this out the hard way with motor oil that came out with no residual sign of the drip. If you’re in the market for a new fishing shirt for the summer days on the water and those warm nights on the town, look no further than the Simms Stone Cold fishing shirt!

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