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Lone Star Recap

The Texas Fly

We arrived in Waco on Sunday night where Bobby and I have friends who moved to Waco from Greensboro (NC) several years ago. We do not get too many chances to catch up with them so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore. We toured what there was to see in Waco, really cool town about 4 hours. Really though, we only scratched the surface. Baylor University calls Waco its home among several well known brands. Great Tex-Mex foodie options and lots of Americana flare. But thi isn't a Travel Channel Blog...we loaded the car with gear in search of fish.

Bobby wearing them out on the Llano!

The idea of catching trout in Texas seemed really cool. The Guadalupe River offers trout fishing, but for us, recent rains had made the flow a little excessive for wading. We found ourselves on the Bosque for our first excursion, located just outside of Waco. This was a beautiful river to be on. Easy wading and what looked like good clean, clear water. We were able to experience the tail end of a White Bass run. Netted a few whites and a Largemouth.

Good Friend Justin with a White

We made our way to the Llano for the next adventure. This was a beautiful body of water as well. The water color had a lime green color to it due to the limestone riverbed and flows made for easy wading. The fishing was slow but we managed a couple fish including a Guadalupe Bass, which is similar to a Smallmouth in markings and behaviors.

One of the most exciting things to see on the enitre trip were the Texan Anglers and those in the neighboring state of Oklahoma. These are some of the most passionate anglers I have met yet! They do have a couple opportunities for Texas trout through the winter months, but for the most part, have to drive at least a couple hours for decent bass fishing. But the passion remains with the wild trout. "13 hours to the San Juan, 13 hours to the Smokies, and 16 hours to the waters of Colorado." Is how one Texan described their opportunities. These people work for fish before they step foot out of their cars! Some I met were the die hards that love chasing the Striped Bass in Oklahoma, others got excited about the Buffalo Carp the reside in the Warm Texas Waters.

Dale waving a Stick in the Bosque

The Take-Away: We have it made here on the east coast! Some fishermen complain about a 2 mile walk up Deep Creek, or having another angler yards away. These great folks we met at the Texas Show drive, at minimum 1,000 miles, for a chance at wild trout! Don't take this blessing of relative location for granted, get out there and fish!

Guadalupe Bass from Llano River

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