The Elephant in The Sky

I was recently speaking with a colleague about how picky trout can be. How they lock in, and at times, focus on one certain color and that is all they want. All the while they miss the obvious hook that lands them in our nets. With that being said, anglers do the same. We pay attention to, and mega focus on, the activity with disregard for the most dangerous element. It isn't a hook...but rather the Sun. I have put together a simple list of products for protecting your beautiful face and skin as you enjoy the sunnier days ahead. Whether you are on the WNC Fly Fishing Trail or on a flats boat or skiff, these tips will ensure an enjoyable day!

Headwear – Make sure you wear a hat. Trying to avoid sounding too cliché here, but it is important. There are many hats out there today that offer built in UV protection in the fabric or material. Simms offers this in their built-to-last Single Haul line up with UPF 50+ sun protection. While trucker hats look cool, and do offer ventilation, they do not protect the back half of your noggin. Myself being completely bald, made this mistake early last spring and came home with funky tan lines on my dome.

Neck and Face – Sunscreen cannot do it alone! Here comes some simple science, I learned the hard way, as well as many of us. The Sun reflects off of water! Thus creating raccoon faces among us; we've all seen "that guy"!. The Simms Sungaiter provides neck and face protection in one product. Sungaiters or Buff’s block what a hat cannot. There are many similar products on the market but few offer true sun protection.