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Gearing up for Fall

Gearing up for Fall

It’s almost that time of year again… That magical season we’ve come to know by the names of Fall, Autumn, and Leaf Season. Tropical storms have brought us much needed rain and the nights are finally beginning to cool down. While we anxiously wait out the next couple of weeks for the water temps to get more comfortable for our trout friends, it presents us with a great time to look over our gear, organize our fly boxes, and roll out a new online store to save our readers some time!

As most of you know, keeping fly gear organized is no easy task by any means. But, there are ways to make that headache of preparing for fall less painful. Here are a few tips from the Guides at Tuckaseegee Fly Shop on how to prepare-

  • Try out a new pack this year- Find something that will make you more comfortable on the water, easy access to a fly patch, and 50% more storage than you think you’ll need. A more organized pack will reduce the need to prepare for future trips.

Here is a look at one of our favorite packs, the Fishpond Summit Sling Pack-

  • Invest in a quality fly box- Owning a solid box will help keep your flies in order and make changing flies a breeze. Our friends at Umpqua have a line-up of Professional Series fly boxes that are water-tight, double sided and hold anywhere from 274 flies (Small size) all the way up to 732 (Large size).

Take a look at the large Umpqua UPG Fly Box here

  • No More Leaky Waders- If your boots and waders have been sitting in the basement or in the garage all summer make sure to inspect and test them for leaks before heading out on that first chilly morning. If you knock the dust off and find that a critter has chewed a hole in the stockingfoot, it may be time to upgrade. We invite anyone with this problem, or anyone looking to stay warmer and drier during the next cold months to try on the Simms line-up of quality, made in America waders.

Check out the Simms Headwaters GoreTex Wader here

  • Stock up on Tippet- Don’t let thoughts of bucknasty browns make you forget about the sinking leader you meant to bring with you for throwing streamers that day. Be sure to carry a wide selection of sinking, monofilament, and fluorocarbon tippet and leaders for fast changing conditions.

Our favorite tool for organizing tippet spools is the Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder, which can be found here

We hope everyone has enjoyed the fishing this summer but like most of our readers, we’re ready for October!

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