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Simms and Ump Get Smart

Back in the summer of 2015 the TFS crew made our way to Orlando for ICAST/IFTD. The International Fly Tackle Dealer show is the only place on earth to get a first hand look at new items hitting the market for 2016. This is where shops, reps, media, and other industry insiders get to really disect brands, looking for good, bad and ugly. For IFTD the most impressive stops were the Umpqua booth and the Simms booth.

Umpqua has redesigned their packs for 2016. The Zero Sweep line builds on the older packs but has slimmed down all the extras to reduce fly line ect, from getting caught on the pack. All tools are brilliantly retracted inside the pack with access from outside. No clanking around the streams anymore. The popular sling pack is back but with an update...Ambi-Sling changes the shoulder the pack slings over so you can make it work best for you.

The Simms 2016 line up is stellar as well. The Way Points line up has slimmed down all the packs with the same mindset. For Simms, it what is on the inside that matters. There is a velcro divider that allows anglers to set up compartments as needed.

Ultimately fly fishing companies have figured out that fly fishing is about

making it your own experience and not thiers. For decades fly fishing companies have determined how we experience the sport. Look for these packs in our online store and begin making your own story.


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