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El Nino is Spanish for...

...Great fishing through December! Every time we turn on the news we hear the headline "Strongest El Nino weather pattern since 1997". Now I am sure some folks can remember that winter, I do! I keep a log book of winter patterns since my freshmen year of high school. My records indicate that it was wet and cold, and lots of snow. WNC that winter recieved around 6 inches of snow right around new years.

That was then, the saying the best weatherman is the one who looks out the window should be used this year. As I write this we are headed torwards the fourth day of 70 degree weather in the last seven! Lows starting out in the mid 40s to 50s...wait this is December, this weather is more like October, and we all know what October fishing is like! So if you want October-like fishing conditions and productivity, and not have to worry about leaves in the water, take a weekend or a day and get here! Also, its December so you don't have to bring your own rock!

Deep Creek in the fall produced consistent numbers of wild spawning browns. While the spawn is over for the most part, the browns are still finding their way to nets. Streamers and swinging wet flies seems to be the best tactic for targeting the Salmo Trutta.

Upper Nantahala DH is beginning to show signs of fish selectivity. The fish have been in their long enough to begin adapting to natural fly patterns such as beatis nymphs, prince nymphs and hares ear. The big rains have also moved the fish and spread them out, which makes it sportier at least.

Tuck DH has for the most part been a float only season for both the Webster and Bryson City stretches. Duke Energy has been cranking the generators to get water out of the lakes. Guided float trips have still having success, however, 850 CFS is not safe to wade. Always check out the stream flows and scheduled release before making a decision.

Give us a call at the shop for the most up todate information. Specs are still hitting dries too...

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