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Forget the Forecast, F'Real!

Back in the Spring Simms Fishing Products came out with a slogan "Forget the Forecast!". This was a great marketing strategy to boost sales of their lineup of GoreTex products that are made in the USA. This fall has been a wet one, especially for how dry we were this summer. We have decided to adopt this slogan, only adding the For Real part to it (F'Real).

Seriously, forget the forecast and follow through on your fly fishing trip plans. Everyone always says that the best days for fishing are overcast or raining. Trout can get skiddish with bright sunshine that makes a black bird cast a shaddow like that of an Osprey. This is also a great time to try out that $400 Jacket you treated yourself to last Christmas. If you don't have a $400 Jacket, try yours out and we can help with what happens after that!

All joking aside, Swain county is blessed with waters that drain incredibly fast, and even when high offer a chance to try out new tactics. Example: The rain event that braught the flooding to South Carolina; Bryson City got about 4 inches of rain and Deep Creek only got better with it. Water was off color and lended itself to great streamer fishing, with success!

Last night we were in a Flash Flood Watch with predicted 4-5 inches of rain to fall. According to the National Weather Service we, generally recieved anywhere from 1-3 inches depending on the cove or ridge. After rains such as this waters like the Nantahala, National Park Streams and the Snowbirds remain great for fishing. Don't let the weather man take a great fishing opportunity away! Let the forecast encourage you!

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