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March Fishing Report

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, acording to lore. This year it seems quite the opposite despite some rainy days here and there. The fishing however has been as intense as a lion. DH sections on the Nantahala and Tuckaseegee how prooven to be full of highly aggressive fish. Browns have been on the prowl as well.

The fish have been eating the typical DH patterns that look crazy and nothing like anything you would actually find in the water; egg patterns, worms, psycho prince ect... The largest fish of the season so far have been tricked with larger old fashioned patterns. I was pleasantly supprised to have landed a trophy Nantahala Brown with a #10 Bead Head Prince Nymph; A Classic pattern that does happen to appear more natural to the trout. ..Continued below...

DH fish that were stocked in the October and November rounds of stocking have been around long enough now to begin reacting to hatches. So don't hesitate to tie on the dries when you see a hatch coming off. A dry dropper rig with an emerger pattern on the trailing fly should produce netted fish!

Be sure to pay attention to the weather forecast as March is a very unstable time for mountain weather. Could be sunny and 70 one minute and later that day/night snowing, and as we move toward April of course severe thunderstorms become the concern as well.

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