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Merry Christmas! Rivers' Full!


Well the run had to come to end at some point. So far this winter, the WNC region has managed to avoid "the big one" in terms of low pressure frontal systems that blow the rivers out. Looking at the CFS this morning, one can tell, "the big one" has arrived. We know there will be more than one too.

Fishing up to this point for the month of December has remained great. Maybe even a tad better than November. From the looks of things the Tuckaseegee will return to normal fishing levels very soon. The majority of the rain fell while Duke was NOT generating, which will help the fish stay put. However, the Little Tennessee is ROLLING! The Upper Nantahala is very high as well. May have to wait until next week to judge whether many fish were displaced due to the strong currents.

With all this said...Don't worry about breaking in the new gear you just got for Christmas. Spend time with the family. Afterall, they are the ones who sacrifice the most for us enjoy this sport. Or they may just be glad to get rid of you for a few hours or a weekend! While you're at it, thank them for supporting you in your passion or hobby.

Merry Christmas from Tuckaseegee Fly Shop!

-Dale and Bobby

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