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Customer Service, honesty, and community are just a few principles that we value at Tuckasegee Fly Shop. We have opened a fly shop in a tiny mountain town, where fly fishing is an inherent piece of Appalachian culture. With that said, there are many individuals, particularly in Swain County and Bryson City, whom have paved a path for where we are today as a shop. Needless to say the fly fishing Community is very important to us, and here is what it looks like.

The Hangout: When we opened the doors August 1st, we hoped to at least have some folks come check us out. What we quickly learned is that our community has been longing for just out type of "place". Shop patrons local or seasonal, always find their way through our doors, whether its for a fishing report, buy some bugs, fishing stories, or just sharing life in general. We love it! We have met many awesome folks and love seeing them come in on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis. The Event Center: If you haven't noticed, we are busy at TFS. Every month we have events planned and we want everyone in the fly fishing community to participate. From movie night, fly tying nights, to rod demos and guest speakers, you will always find one night of the month to be at the corner of Depot and Everett with like-minded folks. The Network: If you are reading this blog, you may have found us through Facebook, or a google search, Instagram, or even Twitter. Maybe its just wanting to know what that new shop in town is up to. You are all a part of our fly fishing community. Know that we value that at TFS! The Network builds information. Information for fishing, tying, traveling, and learning. We encourage you to reach out to us with questions, comments; stop by the shop and hangout, like us, share us, talk to us and be engaged! Come see the hidden gem that is Bryson City! We have met so many local fly fishing guides, anglers, and fly tyers in our community as well as neighboring trout hotspots. We value having great relationships with other shops/guides. Met some really nice folks from Hunter Banks (Asheville) Blue Ridge (Ga) Smoky Mountain Angler (Gatlinburg), South Holston River Fly Shop (Bristol) who "get it". There is nothing to be gained by thinking you are King of the River, any river. If that is the case then maybe you are fishing for the wrong reasons. We value and are grateful for these great relationships in our community that have been made purely for the benefit of the sport of Fly Fishing.

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