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This Ain't Golf!

Professional young male golf player on knees and arms raised with putter in hand

I did not take this photo

If you have ever attempted to beat a little ball with a stick on a sunny afternoon, then you have experienced a level a frustration that brings out the worst of you. Before Tiger’s meltdown and run-in with a fire hydrant and his 5 Iron, I would watch rounds of golf just to see if he would melt down, break a club, and ultimately make a fool of himself. Hey! I’ve done it too! I admit, I have broken clubs before out of anger that that little ball caused. I quit golf.

I have poured all of my time and passions into fly fishing. It brings a sense of peace to the soul that many hobbies and sports can not rival. I never want to feel that level of rage in this passion. On the fly fishing big screen it is becoming more common to display an anglers level of frustration after missing wild steelhead or another fish that is nearly impossible to land. That works for film. It is a great way to convey how difficult the fishery is for that particular setting. The problem is...that I am beginning to see this translate to Delayed Harvest Stocked waters! In back-to-back outings I have seen anglers whip the water with rods, punch the water, and yelling each time. All because they missed a large stocked, pellet fed trout.

Let this be a reminder, that we are blessed to be in the presence of such a fish. Golf courses were built for golfers or gofers too. But rivers were not made for us, we are privileged to experience the water and trout, steelhead or salmon habitat. So, I challenge everyone, the next time you miss a brood stock pellet pig, take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that you had even that one bite. After all its the river that has allowed us to be there, so let it bring out the best in us.

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