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Nor-Vise Demo Day Announced

Last October we hosted Tim O'Neil, Braden Miller and crew at our Sylva Shop. We had a great day of folks coming by and checking out the most innovative fly tying system in the world! The day was such a success we decided to bring it back. October 16th at our new Waynesville Location, come by and see what the spinny thingy can do for you!

For me, Nor-Vise has made fly tying fun again. Grinding away on the guide schedule to come home and tie flies burned me out of sitting at the vise. But when I started work on the Nor-Vise, it brought the passion back to life for me. All of us at Tuck Fly Shop are behind the Nor-Vise 100% with no hesitations. Even if you are satisfied with your current set up, you should check out their accessories. Their Bobbin with a breaking system clutch whatever it is called is absolutely amazing. Saves a couple of steps.

So do yourself a favor - come up for the weekend - do some fishing - and come see the set up in Waynesville!


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