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Social Distancing and Fly Fishing

Recent events are leading to new "buzz words" and terms. The media wants us to believe life as we know it will be forever changed because of the Corona Virus Covid-19. Thats fine to me. As a citizen of this great country, I will do what is needed to be done to help the greater good. However, I will not be confined as a prisoner of my house and live in fear.

Our local schools in Jackson County just finished their Spring Break. As a family we enjoyed the sights and happening of a state we see many folks from, Kentucky. We had an amazing time and gained a new appreciation for the beauty and mystery of this state. We returned home to WNC to experience the closing of institutions and gatherings (As I write this my children are watching Frozen 2 when they should be in school)

We decided to go fishing as a family Friday afternoon. It was amazing to get away from social media, away from the hysteria frenzied media, and just enjoy Gods creation. We essentially hit the mute button on all the noise. The Tuck Fly Shop full time staff got together and fished Sunday afternoon. This is the first time all four of us have fished together as a team! We enjoyed perfect conditions in the Smokies and caught some beautiful Rainbow Trout. March Brown nymphs and Blue Quils and caddis were abundant. The Smokies are coming alive for the Spring!

The fishing right now is amazing and we are experiencing the best of 2020 water after a very wet winter. Fishing in the solitude of the Great Smoky Mountains and Western North Carolina is a great example of Social Distancing! Its also a great way to escape the uncertainty of a rapidly changing situation. We invite you to book a trip with us and experience the best fishing WNC has to offer this Spring!

1 commentaire better way to slow it’s spread than to hike to a backcountry stream. I’m tying up some beadhead rubber-legged Corona nymphs for Horton’s Creek as we speak. See y’all this weekend. Wash yer hands.

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