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Norvise Boot Camp

Our last blog post highlighted the event with Norvise held back in October. We certainly fell off the wagon for keeping the blog updated with fishing reports and what-not...but we kept reports fresh with Marvin on the Articulate Fly Podcast as well as our own Podcast, The Tuck Cast, with A Splash of Bourbon.

Now we are in December and the dust, or smoke for that matter, of what was known as 2020 is beginning to settle. We have survived to date a pandemic, election and tropical storms...oh yeah and epic car trouble! All things considered, we are excited to see 2021 roll around! We have some great things in the works for ‘21 including our Travel.

But we are really excited about the Norvise Boot Camp scheduled for February. If you are like me, beginning to tie flies with a Norvise is a little daunting. Intimidating is another word that comes to mind. But as you begin to get the toes in the water the level of comfort with the system increases and you soon can’t imagine using another tying set up. So, I came up with the idea of just completely submerging yourself for a weekend with us, where you can purchase, use and be educated by Norvise professionals! This learning technique works great with learning languages and lets face it, fly tying sort of is its own language with all the jargon and systematic approaches.

So February 19-21 of 2021 we are hosting the first Norvise Boot Camp. We have partnered with Tim and Tyler O’Neill of Norvise (The owner and maker) and the Best Western Plus River Escapes in Dillsboro N.C. To have 6 individuals (Keep it small for social distancing and increased learning) stay and learn. The price is $1,399 which includes lodging, meals, tying materials, and most importantly a Norvise Tying System. As of now there is 10 hours of tying instruction on the itinerary, but I think thats on the low side. I believe there will be plenty of chances for 1 on 1 learning from some of the best the Country has to offer when it comes to building flies from feathers and fur.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email. We look forward to continually developing programming to help you the customer in whatever stage of fly fishing you are in!


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