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Early Fall Fishing Report

You can sense it in the crisp morning air. It is Fall! This last week brought some really nice early fall temps to Southwestern North Carolina, the Southern Highlands as they are also known. We saw some over night temps hit the mid thirties while most valley areas stayed in the mid forties. This has created ideal water temps. Sometimes we see warm water conditions well into October which has caused some issues for Delayed Harvest stocking schedules in years past. No concern there this season!

On these cool mornings enjoy your cup of coffee from Mountain Perks, the Farm House or Orchard Coffee and take your time getting to the water - we really need that sun on the water to get the bugs active and the fish feeding. Also don't be afraid to skip dinner or eat late so you can fish the evening. There are some magical things happening right now as the afternoon water cools ahead of sunset - and almost no one is on the water to experience that. Breweries and burgers don't trump these times in my book!

Take a listen to the lastest fishing report I gave with Marvin at The Articulate Fly Podcast!

Tiffany with a fantastic rainbow trout from Scotts Creek on a recent outing!


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