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Top Water Bite

This time of year the top water bite is in full swing. Most years we start to see water levels getting low going into July, but this year we have had good consistent rains throughout spring. With the current world events, the rivers have seen less pressure than in years past. These to factors have truly helped the fish be more eager and aggressive.

With all that being said, you still need to put the work in. Below are a few these to keep in mind.

  • Walk and then walk some more. The further you go the less pressure

  • Make the river your path. Fish every pocket of water. Plan your movement, so you get the best approach to every pocket.

  • Be prepared to fish small tippet

  • Longer rods can help keep line off the water for better drifts, but may be a little harder to cast depending on vegetative cover. ( I’ll take the longer rod any day)

  • Have good floatant. We recommend High n Dry products

  • Small size dries work great, but give the larger sizes a try, they work great too.

  • Don‘t forget some terrestrials too

  • And finally, the best thing you can do is have a great fly presentation. Get good drifts plain and simple.

I could go on and on about other tips and tricks, but part of the fun of fly fishing is learning, experiencing, and finding what works for you.

Hope this helps, and as always if you have question, give us a shout.



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