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How to Have the Best Fall Trip!

By Mike Hodge

Booking a Float Trip 101 It's almost September, which means two things. College football is about to start and floating the Tuckaseegee will be a reality in about a month or so, as the air cools and the leaves start to fall. At the Tuck Fly shop, we're already fielding questions from customers about booking float trips. Here's a primer for what you need to know. 1) Book Early. We have a number of guides who can put you on fish, but as bookings build up, availability is limited. Don't wait. Even though mid October is more than a month away, it's best not to procrastinate. Either call our shop, or book online via our website: Make sure you have a credit card ready for full payment in order to secure a spot.

2) When Should You Go? The Tuck generally fishes pretty well from mid October through May. However, your chances of catching fish are better after multiple stockings. The Tuck is scheduled to be stocked twice in October and twice in November, so, theoretically, the November angler will have a better chance of catching more fish than someone who books in October. But, remember, it's fishing. There are too many variables to make foolproof predictions. 3) Get Prepared. Skill varies from angler to angler. Some are beginners, others are quite experienced. Our guides are prepared for a variety of abilities. Tell your guide your skill level, so they can structure the trip to your ability and needs. A couple things newcomers should study before the trip are fishing from a driftboat/raft, mending and setting the hook. YouTube has ample instructional videos on those topics. 4) Book the Right Option. With float trips, we have half and full days. Half days generally last four hours; full days run 6-8 hours. Full days include lunch. Half days include drinks only. Half days are more forgiving for the beginner, but offer less opportunity for fish. Full days offer more opportunity for fish, but can be a tad long for the newcomer. Pick the option that best suits you and enjoy your trip.


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