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Perfecting Purpose

From day one at Tuck Fly Shop we have made it our purpose to provide excellent advice with excellent customer service. Honesty, integrity, and humility are principles that you will find inside the doors at Tuck Fly Shop. Now it is our goal to provide that purpose at our location in Sylva.

We are excited to announce that after a winter of pouring labor, and love into our new location in Sylva, we will be opening tomorrow. At this location you can expect to see all the great brands that have helped build Tuckaseegee Fly Shop. Along with those great brands customer service will be paramount to your experience.

We look forward to seeing all our patrons at our locations as well as meeting new ones. We genuinely appreciate everyone's support and business over the last few years and look forward to many more!

Oh yeah, the Black Caddis hatch has tee'd off! Even saw some Light Cahills kick off before a low pressure system pushed through. I think the ground hog was wrong!

Below are a few photos of the build out to completion.

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