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Inventory Time!!

For every business the end of the year brings the dreaded word..."Inventory". For tax reasons and the added benefit of knowing what you have to sell, counting your product is important. We all go into shops and buy flies, but do we ever think about counting them? Bobby and I do! We have been counting flies for a few days now, a little at a time, and it has been a great reminder to me of how good our flies are that we have!

Coming across classic natural patterns like the Pheasant Tail and Hares Ear and variations off those has been exciting. I was reminded that we have 5 colors of Copper Johns so one can easily dial in what stonefly color the trout happen to prefer on a given day. I see a pattern and say, "Oh Bobby! This one right here will tear'm up on the Nantahala!" Counting bins from right to left I come across the various beatis or mayfly nymphs and get just as excited. So to say, at least for me, fly inventory this year has been fun.

We should all take an inventory of our flies as we come to years end. Get your boxes out and look to fill in gaps. One should have several colors of patterns and sizes. Stoneflies, Mayflies, and Caddis Flies should all be present. By the way...the old fashion, natural patterns of nymphs and egg patterns have been absolutely crushing fish in the National Park as well as Upper Nantahala. Swinging wet flies and heavy streamers has been extremely effective for the Tuckaseegee.

Give the shop a call and we can put together a great assortment of flies for you, no matter where you are fishing across Western North Carolina, Tennessee, or North Georgia.

To All a Merry Christmas and to All Tight Lines!!

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