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German Language Learning

I have a question about the german language! please!?

This is the sentence Ja, ich sehe die sch nen M dchen Okay. I get it. The article is 'das' for madchen, and it is dative.. okay. But why is that die there how does one decide what article goes there? thank you

Do u like the german language?

I learn german at school and I love the way you pronounce, although it sounds much harder than english.

Modern german language/grammar? ?

Any websites or homework help sites i could go on and or info you have on it. Please help.

Is there a pattern in the german language?

I have used homework answers and learned french but I also want to learn german. Like in french their are conjugated patternds in verbs such as Je is tu esil es vous eznous ons ils ient Are their any in german if so what are they?

Need help with german language sentences, please.? Hello, can you translate these sentences into simple germany language ? Please grammatically correct 1. I was at home most time at holiday2. I celebrated new year with my friends3. I celebrated Christmas with my family at was awesome, because my brother was born5.Christmas at the hospital was little bit strange, but i liked it.

How can i learn to speak more of the german language? i know some words but how can i learn more

Is german language is widely spoken?

All i know the languages that are widely spoken is english, spanish, chinese and french maybe ..but how about German or Deutsch? what countries spoke it?

German language for hospitality?

Hello I need some help from studydaddy with learning a phrases that have been used for serving drinks etc in german language Ive only found sites that show how to greet people and introduce yourself, but i cant find a site that will teach some phrases that have been used in hospitality sector Thanks and im looking forward on ur help

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